07 julio 2005


Hotel Burj Al Arab

Deluxe Twin Two Bedroom $ 3188.41 USD

335 square metres, Duplex Suite, Two Separate Bedrooms, King/Twin Beds, Panoramic views over the Arabian Gulf

Suite Amenities:

24 hour Private Butler
2 Upper level Bedrooms with 1 King Bed and 1 Twin Bed and separate Bathrooms
Spacious living area with dining table and private bar counter
Complete Personal Business Centre with laptop, high speed internet connection, private fax/copier and printer
Multimedia entertainment system with 42 inch plasma screen TV featuring Video-on-demand, DVD, Internet access and Interactive services
Floor-to-ceiling glass windows
Luxurious bathroom with Jacuzzi and exclusive full size Hermes amenities

Rates are subject to 10% service charge and 10% municiaplity fee

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Burj Al Arab Hotel 6

Proyectos en Dubai

Dubai Municipality

Infrastructure development in the UAE at federal and local level has been phenomenal in view of the relatively brief period since the country’s establishment. Modern cities have risen like phoenixes from the barren desert, connected by a vast network of first-class roads and linked to the outside world by modern airports and ports. Houses, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, telecommunications, electricity and water, luxury hotels and recreational facilities have all been provided for the people in are markably short space of time. As the country enters the third millennium a process of consolidation is taking place, with the private sector taking more of an active role in infrastructure development.

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Major Projects


HYDROPOLIS or the Beginning of a New Era of Hotels

Hydropolis is structured in three elements: the land station, the connecting tunnel, and the submarine complex. The land station is the reception and welcome centre for the hotel's guests. The connecting tunnel is the lifeline of the complex and not only provides access for guests, but also enables provisioning of the hotel with all the necessary goods. And finally, the submarine complex is the hotel itself with its wide range of unique additional facilities.

Hydropolis Location

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