23 noviembre 2008

Burj Dubai

Burj Tower: the world's tallest cloud buster

“…When you stand under the Burj Tower it doesn't look that tall at all. Bizarre. Alone on the flat desert landscape of Dubai, apart from the generic glitzy towers of the Sheikh Zayed Road, it seems slightly abstract, with nothing for your eye to compare it with. It could be 250m. It could be 305m. Or 750m. Who knows? Skyscraper internet chat rooms are ablaze with speculation about its final height. For the most famous fact about the Burj - apart from that it's the first piece of architecture to be both the tallest building and man-made structure in the world - is that its final height is a closely guarded secret until it opens next June, for fear of some rival stealing its thunder with an extra bucket of quick-drying concrete…”

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