03 mayo 2007

Emiratos Árabes Unidos, Dubai ~ دبى


“…Located 4 kilometers off the coast of Dubai, the most exquisite destination in THE WORLD islands is being created. OQYANA is THE WORLD’s first fully master-planned elite island retreat. Located on the famous and much anticipated manmade island, THE WORLD, OQYANA is the first and set to become the leading and one of the largest developments on THE WORLD, covering the countries of Australasia. Brilliantly modeled, OQYANA is bound to be a World First in architectural design and engineering endeavor…. Stylish, contemporary and designed to perfection, OQYANA speaks a language of prestige – a world of supremacy in a place of perfection. Guaranteed to be a one-of-a-kind experience, it's the ideal place to leave the world and focus on relaxation and retreat…”


“...The Government of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, is developing Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) with the goal of creating a regional center of excellence for medical services, medical education, and life science research and development in the Middle East… As a locus of political and economic stability and innovation, Dubai is in a position to serve the region's needs for high-quality health care, and to be a model for institution-building in the region. The leadership of DHCC is committed to the principle of accessibility for all, to professional and academic development, and to international recognition for quality of care as well as patient privacy, rights, and satisfaction…”

International City

”…International City, as its name suggests, is a true melting pot of the diverse nationalities and cultures that lend Dubai its modern, cosmopolitan air. Built to provide over 60,000 people with an affordable living experience, International City is divided into nine distinct residential districts, with low-rise blocks offering studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments. The architectural styles of Russia, Italy, Spain, England, France, Morocco, Persia, Greece and China are all represented, neatly weaving numerous elements of different cultures into a single society… The fabric of International City is further enhanced by the range of business activities, retail opportunities and tourist attractions that complement the residential offering. Stretching over an enormous 800-hectare plot, this development has generated considerable interest from many investors including retail giants, multinational companies and real estate developers. The neighbouring DragonMart Complex is considered the largest trading hub for Sino products outside mainland China. Another neighbouring development will be the Dubai Design Centre, which aims to become a one-stop destination for everything in the world of design and interiors. Al Warsan Lake offers unprecedented opportunities for wildlife observation and the meticulously recreated Forbidden City will ensure all the mystery and wonder of this ancient imperial palace is on tap to mesmerise us today…”

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