12 enero 2007

Burj Dubai: The world’s highest building

The Height of Burj Dubai is being kept private, and will not be told until it is complete. According to the developers, it will be the tallest building on earth. However at the end of June 2006 a height of 2650ft (807.7m) has been made public by some of the firms involved in this project.

As of January 5, 2007, the Burj Dubai was at 102 stories (about 377 m) tall, and is now the tallest building in the Middle East, and the tenth tallest building in the world. It is only 4 m short of overtaking the height of the Empire State Building with already the same number of floors.

Burj Dubai is set to be the world's tallest building and the centerpiece of the Gulf regions most prestigious urban development, entitled Downtown Dubai. The Arabic meaning for the word Burj is 'tower', which gives Burj Dubai a meaning of 'Dubai Tower' or 'Tower of Dubai'. Its exact height hasn't been disclosed but it has been confirmed that it will be over 700 meters tall and its design was influenced by the six petal desert flower.

Burj Residence (The Residence)

The Burj Dubai Residence will be one the residential area of Downtown Dubai containing nine luxury freehold apartment towers with open water, calming greenery, state-of-the-art gyms, pools and spas. These towers will contain 1, 2 and 3 bedroom suites, penthouses, or villas.

Old Town

This development is located at the foot of Burj Dubai and will contain a variety of freehold properties, from low-rise three storey apartment buildings to exclusive mid-rise towers with penthouses. It will have traditional architecture and will have comfortable outdoor living areas like terraces and balconies. The development will also contain restaurant from five-star dining to outdoor cafes overlooking parks and waterways.

The Lofts (Loft Living)

The Lofts will be a series of double-storey freehold apartments along the 3.5 km (2.2 miles) long, 73 meter (240 feet) wide Burj Dubai Boulevard. It will be situated within an exclusive 3-tower complex of 27 to 30 storeys and raised from a 6-storey podium. The Lofts tower complex will offer one and two bedroom units with a maximum of 6 suites per floor, each with panoramic windows and outdoor balconies.

Dubai Mall

Downtown Dubai's major retail outlet will also be the world's largest shopping mall, which will cover 9 million square feet (836 thousand square meters). Burj Dubai Mall will have areas for leisure pursuits, including a world-class aquarium, fashion show arena, gold souk and an ice rink, as it intends to revolutionize the modern shopping experience.

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