09 marzo 2006

Emiratos Arabes Unidos, Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina
“Dubai Marina, formerly named Westside Marina, has been referred to as the world's largest man-made marina and is amongst the world's largest master planned waterfront development. The development project was started in 1998 and will cover an area of 53 million square feet (4.9 million square meters). It was carved along a 3.34km (2 mile) stretch of Dubai's shoreline and is a mixed-use canal-city inspired in the Venetian tradition. It will accommodate over 120 thousand people in their luxury condominium towers and villas, with a unique waterfront view…”
Building Plans

Metropolitan Dubai and the Rise of Architectural Fantasy
“…The explosion of mega-scale structures and satellite cities provides opportunities for the study of new typologies of building programs and forms. Within the urban grid, and the monotonous and predictable urban condition, the generation of prosthetic geometries and new morphologies acts as a catalyst for innovation. Maybe this is the right time, in the evolution of twenty-first century architecture, to study and adopt new forms and technologies. The aura of optimism and the apparent financial success of the new building boom seem to require fresh, daring architects and designers...”

Jumeirah Beach Residence
“…Inside Jumeirah Beach Residence, a 650,000 sq ft up-market shopping centre, including 180 quality outlets selling everything from high fashion to coffee is practically on your doorstep. So if you don't feel like venturing too far, you don't have to! The shopping complex will be situated at mezzanine level, creating a huge and beautifully designed air conditioned space at the foot of each tower where you will also find medical facilities, a secure play area for your children, housekeeping services, supermarkets and nursery schools…”
Absolute Monthly Temperature - Emirate Of Dubai

Dar Al Masyaf
“…Dar Al Masyaf, where guests are welcomed to sun-drenched solace, are rooms and suites arranged in the style of exquisite Arabian summer courtyard houses at Madinat Jumeirah, The Arabian Resort - Dubai. Representing the premium accommodation within a Resort of magnificent qualities and nestled within the waterways and gardens - Dar Al Masyaf are havens of seclusion interwoven with splendid irregularity into the world's most inspired destination…”

El grupo turístico Nakheel prepara su expansión por Oriente Medio, África y Europa del Este
“…La inversión inicial del grupo en los Emiratos fue de 600 millones de dólares (503 millones de euros), que comprenden una cartera de ocho hoteles y complejos turísticos que incluyen el desarrollo de un condo-hotel --venta de habitaciones a particulares-- de 800 unidades, el Trump Hotel & Tower Palm Jumeirah, primer desarrollo de la exclusiva alianza de Nakheel con la organización Trump. También conmportan: un hotel de 200 habitaciones con servicio de lujo en el Palm Jumeirah; un hotel boutique y spa de 150 habitaciones con 100 chalés privados y condos sobre la playa en The World; Un hotel y complejo turístico de 400 habitaciones en Djibouti…”

Dubai: The world’s favorite destination for freehold properties
“…Three years is a relatively short period of time for a pioneering, multi-billion dollar investment initiative to succeed. But Dubai’s real estate ventures have done that and gone on to set trends. In May 2002, Dubai created a flutter when the enterprising emirate announced freehold property rights for the non-AGCC nationals. The far-reaching decision set off a real estate boom of amazing proportions. His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and UAE Minister of Defense, established Emaar Properties and Nakheel. Emaar’s first step towards the long journey was the creation of Dubai Marina. Nakheel became synonymous with The Palm and later The World…”

Dubai e-City
“…As a visionary leader, H.H. General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and the UAE Defense Minister, was quick to understand the crucial importance of the Knowledge Economy. He therefore decided to personally lead the transition to the new economy, through a series of pioneering initiatives, to lay the foundation for a strong IT infrastructure to attract businesses into Dubai…”

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Amina dijo...

Dubai is the city of wonders, this city came from no were to be one of the most important cities in the word. Dubai has many projects that seem unreal, but they made it real.Pictures are breathtaking!!
I cannot imagine how human beings could build such masterpieces!!
Arabs are really fine fellows.
They want to be the first, and they will be, definitely!
So many fantastic projects are rising day by day, people from all over the world are interested in investing in Dubai property.
Government and UAE's people really aim at high successes.