17 agosto 2007

Dubai: A diamond in the desert

Dubai: A diamond in the desert
“…Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, markets itself as a place where everything is bigger, taller and better. No wonder it's become a haven for the rich and famous. Where is it? Dubai is one of seven emirates that constitute the United Arab Emirates, and is located at the tip of the southeast Arabian Peninsula, in the Persian Gulf. What's so special about it? Dubai is the most westernized and liberal emirate, in the most liberal state in the Middle East. Over the years, it has launched itself as a hub for international trade, tourism and property development -- due in part to the fact that it is not blessed with the natural resources of its neighbours…”

The Skyscraper: Still Soaring
“…The skyscraper has had more comebacks than Cher. From its humble, naive beginnings in Chicago after the fire of 1871; its idealistic representation in early European Modernism; its apex as the glam symbol of American corporate eminence; its bimbo phase in Postmodernism; its more recent dalliance with high-tech engineering; and culminating with its supposed demise on September 11, 2001, the skyscraper is one helluva contender… Every time we think we’ve solved the typology, realized its total fulfillment, and built the freshest example, the skyscraper struts out in yet another tectonic version of a Bob Mackie gown—dripping in sequins, devoid of meaning, pure fabulousness. And we can’t turn Hawai…”

Hyder consulting presenting Burj Dubai to the world
“….Hyder Consulting, the award-winning engineering, environmental, planning and management consultancy, has given academics and business leaders in New York a unique insight into how Dubai has become "the fastest growing city in the world", its ambitions and the policies that are driving it… The company recently presented their work in Dubai at a lecture series entitled ‘Why Dubai' organised by The Skyscraper Museum in New York, and held as part of an exhibition on the Burj Dubai…”

Touch the sky
“…High-rise housing has a rich history that embraces the very top and the very bottom of the social pile, serving paradoxically as the preserve of both the super-rich in their glamorous skyscrapers and the poor in their tenements and concrete slabs. It is the ultimate dream of the modernist architect, offering up the minimalist visions of Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe as well as the extravagantly sculptural forms of the latest blockbuster buildings. It is a form that fascinates and seduces planners, developers, designers and homebuyers. And this has never been more true than today…”

Dubai Employs the Latest Private Equity Strategies to Boost its Shifting Economy
“…Just two days after Dubai Aerospace Enterprise offered to buy Auckland International Airport in New Zealand for as much $2.1 billion, the government-run aviation investment group announced a week ago that it is scouting airport projects in Europe… Only three months ago, Dubai Aerospace Enterprise, or DAE, agreed to pay $1.8 billion for two U.S. aviation-maintenance companies owned by The Carlyle Group, the noted Beltway buyout firm. DAE’s goal: To build a $15 billion global aerospace enterprise that will link established markets with their newly emergent counterparts, and to streamline travel both into and out of Dubai, which is establishing itself as the epicenter of the Middle East…”

Dubai Property Developer Damac Move to Reading
“…The largest private property developer in the United Arab Emirates has taken up residence in Reading Berkshire. The developer Damac Properties which has over 16 international offices will be running their southern England operations from Forbury Square, Central Reading Berkshire in England… In just over two decades, Damac has grown from a local catering company to a global conglomerate with operations in over numerous countries. Some of the notable projects are Dubai Marina, Palm Island Jumeirah, Palm Island Jebel Ali, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai Land and Dubai international Financial Centre (DIFC). Dubai City Guide…”

Nakheel appoints operator for Palm Monorail
“…Nakheel has appointed SMRT Engineering (SMRTE) to commence preparation for the operation of The Palm Jumeirah's AED1.4 billion monorail… In the following months, Nakheel will finalise the contract and appoint SMRTE as the operator of The Palm Monorail… The mobilisation contract will see SMRTE evaluating and defining the operational procedures as well as recruiting and training staff for the smooth and efficient operation of The Palm Monorail, including the day-to-day running of the service, ticketing, on-going maintenance, and operation of the monorail's four stations…”

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Hadisha dijo...

The city of dream!!It is the first idea, which comes in my mind, when I begin to think about this magic city, it is the city of the future.
I have never been in Dubai, but looking at this pictures, only one wish is appearing- to visit Dubai anyway.
I am really fascinating of beauty of Dubai property.
Just look at these masterpieces such as Burj Dubai,World and Palm Islands, Dubailand how wonderful they are.